Tips on Making Great Wax Mould for Bronze Casting (2)

This article explores how to make wax mould with irritation approach and demonstrate a case study using this technique.
Below is a case of using irritation technique to make wax mould.

Irritation approach is suitable for producing small scale sculpture with height around 20 inches.
Step 1: pour molten wax into silicone mold, which is usually with a plaster jacket. Spin and shake the silicone mould slowly and steadily to make the molten wax flow freely onto all silicone mould surface.
Step2: place the silicone mould still for while and wait wax to cool a little bit and irritate the liquid wax. The wax left in the silicone mould will solidify and form the wax mould. The thickness of current wax mould is very thin so you will repeat the process described above a couple of times to get the desired thickness. To make the thickness of wax mould consistent, it’s important to spin and shake the silicon mould a little bit so liquid wax can capture every details of the sculpture.
Step 3: take off the wax mould from the silicone mould carefully to avoid any damage on wax occurring. Exam carefully the wax mould to check if there is any imperfection on the surface. Using a brush pen to dip molten wax onto those places where wax layer is very thin.
The pro of the irritation approach is the partition line is not clear and easy to remove.
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