The Making of A Bean

Simple shape could make beautiful sculpture. We are very honored to collaborate with sculptor to create a bronze casting. Here is how.


  • Sculpture Name:  Bean
  • Size: 6.6 feet long
  • Material: Bronze
  • Production: Sand bronze casting

Step One:

Digital Modeling. Artist use computer software to create a digital model of the sculpture.The commonly used softwares are like Rhino, Zbrush, Sketchup.




Step Two:

Sculpture pattern making. The artist send us the digital model he created. We transfer it to the format which is compatible with our CNC milling router, then mill the foam pattern. We do finishing on the milled foam to make it strong enough for sand bronze casting.



Step Three:

Sand casting. As a a leading fine art foundry in China, we are capable of both sand casting and lost wax casting. For this case, sand casting is more suitable because its surface is smooth and there is no texture on it. One of the benefit of sand casting is that it can minimize the shrinkage of bronze,which commonly happens during bronze casting.





Step Four:

Patina. We employ hot torching technique for patina, which is capable of making numerous color range for choosing.






Feel free to contact us if you have any technical question or need a quote.

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  1. Owen,
    Great job by your staff at Tany Foundry. Beautiful patina.

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