3D Printing + Bronze casting

We use high tech 3D printing technology to make pattern and model of sculpture for bronze casting. We are one of the first few art foundries in China combine 3D tech in our bronze casting workflow and create beautiful bronze sculpture. You can provide us digital model of your sculpture and we can work from that.You can either digital model the sculpture with computer software like Zbrush, 3D Max, Rhino or 3D scan an existing sculpture to generate 3D model. Please visit this page to see more cases.

Workflow: 3D Modeling – 3D Printing – Finishing – Rubber Molding – Bronze casting.

Feel free to send us a 3D model to us for a free quoting. We accept STL, OBJ,DXF formats.

First time working with an oversea foundry?  Please read our FAQ page.

Please let us know if you need technical assistance or need a quote for your own project.