Pubic art Project: steel rebar fabrication Wall

Case Study of Rebar Fabrication Wall

  • Project Description:  Rebar Fabrication Wall
  • Dimension:                      40 feet x 13 feet
  • Material:                            Deformed steel bar
  • Production:                     Fabrication

This is a art fabrication project for a creative industry park. It is to be placed at the entrance of the park.
The entire rebar fabrication measures 40 feet long and 13 feet tall. It is made up of short sections of rebar.

Tany Sculpture has over 30 years experience as sculpture fabricator in China and this is a very interesting project for us to do.
First we print out a draft of the fabrication wall, lay it out on ground. Then we cut rebar to the length as the drawing specifies. From the drawing you can see there are thousands of them.

Our next step is welding rebars pieces by piece according to the draft. This is labor intense work, requiring patience and skill. We focus accuracy and strength of the welding.
Below are some pictures on progress.

art fabricator


Artist sent us the drawing of the work as a guide for us to fabricate. The whole piece is made up of numerous short steel rebar.

sculpture fabricator China


art fabrication China

Steel rebar are weaving to a large net like structure. We print out the patterns on a large draft on ground as a guide. All reabr are cut into short pieces first and then welded according to the drawing.




The whole piece is erected for adjustment.

public art fabrication service China

The finished work. Those colorful characters are stainless steel fabrication.

If you have any question about art fabrication or custom metal fabrication. Feel free to contact us.




  1. WoW. Just WoW. Very impressive and beautiful. I cannot praise this beautiful structure enough. Must be the strongest structure ever created by man… and extremely heavy too…

    I am going to fabricate a large workshop using a lattice of welded triangular rebar in combination with rigid, welded triangular trusses of my own design. Should be able to withstand tornadoes and the end of the world.. 🙂

  2. This is awesome! I could probably make something similar to this on mine-craft. However, it might be a little too advance for me to do in real life. I mean, each part is done perfectly. Plus it goes great with the large colored letters. This takes some serious metal fabrication skill.

  3. This is a really impressive piece of art. I would not have thought that you could make something so interesting out of rebar. It honestly kind of baffles me what can be fabricated or machined today. It makes me happy to live in the 21st century.

  4. Superb work!

    Attractive work steel fabrication wall.

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