Mirror Polished Stainless steel Sculpture

Mirror polished Stainless steel sculpture features highly reflective and long lasting finishing. If done well, the visual impact is stunning.
It is also known that mirror polishing is not an easy job. Polishing is time consuming and requires much time and effort to do. The artisan has to be very experienced to make sure the work is done properly.

Here is polished stainless steel sculpture Tany Foundry fabricated. The sculpture is 6.5 feet tall, It is made with stainless steel grade 316.
The workflow: Maquette – jig building – stainless steel cladding – finishing – mirror polishing.


The sculpture is 7 feet tall. We build a jig based on the maquette. The scale of jig is strictly following the maquette.




Then we fabricate the stainless steel based on the jig we just built. We use stainless steel grade 316 for fabrication. The sheet is carefully cut, bent and welt to make sure they fit with the jig perfectly. The jig is removed from stainless steel cladding.





We measure every line of the sculpture to make sure the size is correct.



I am testing the polishing quality of the sculpture.


This is final work of the sculpture.




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  1. excellent work the stainless steel slotted circle what thickness stainless steel did you use and what would an approx cost of a work like that be Thanks Col Henry http://www.colhenry.com

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