In The Moon- 20 Feet Tall Bronze Monumental Sculpture

As a leading monument bronze foundry in China, Tany Foundry works with two famous Chinese artists Fang Xu and Jieyong Lau on casting a 20 feet tall bronze monumental sculpture: In The Moon.

This bronze casting  sculpture depicts a girl stretching out her hands under the moon with waves under her foot. The ideas originates from a legend of China and the sculpture is placed in a theming park in middle China.

As a leading bronze  sculpture foundry in China, we work with artists closely during whole process of the creation of this bronze sculpture.

This is the sketch of this work. The composition of the sculpture is great with a nice combination of the body of girl and the curved moon.

monumental sculpture foundry China

This is the Marquette of the work. Artist sculpted the girl with clay and we make a fiberglass pattern from it for easier review and keeping.

monumental sculpture foundry China

We enlarged the work with clay.

monumental sculpture foundry sand casting China

After the enlargement work is complete, we make plaster mold for bronze casting.

Considering its size and shape, we use sand casting technique to cast bronze, which works best for large scale outdoor sculpture with more emphasis on its whole shape and outline instead of fine details. Technically, a large size bronze sculpture can be sectioned into several separate parts and cast with lost wax technique and then assembly them later. However, the shortcoming of applying lost wax technique on large scale sculpture is that distortion probably happens during the assembling process and this would cause damage to its beauty. By sand casting, we only need to sections the whole body into five parts: head and torso, limbs. This not only saves further assembling work but also make sure the sculpture looks nice.

One of the difficulties of the sculpture is design of its armature. Duo the structure of the moon, we have to guarantee the weight of the moon distributed on to the bronze base evenly. Therefore, we weld very solid stainless steel armatures inside for supporting the whole sculpture. 

Here we are assembling and installing the whole sculpture.

Here are some photos of the sculpture In The Moon from different perspective.

monumental bronze sculpture foundry China


monumental bronze sculpture foundry China


art foundry bronze casting sand casting

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  1. Wow, what an accomplishment!. I’d love to see it in person. Congratulations….Marcia

    • Thanks for your comments, Marcia!

    • you can call me e Posted on The Simple TruthTruth SerumTruth or ConsequencesHonesty or BustIt actually soduns like an interesting blog. I wouldn’t mind checking it out when it is up and running!

      • Linds Posted on my only thought on the color scmhee is Jesus loves His enemies? swell pics, bro very swell. (ps- you should feel special. your blog is pretty much the only one i ever check regularly.)

  2. huge project. Want to see it real life. A briljant idea

    • Thanks for your comments, Joachim!

  3. What an undertaking! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Pattie

  4. One word: Amazing!
    Oh how nice it would be to created a piece of art like this.
    Let me work with you. Teach me!
    Tks for sharing.

  5. wow, such a massive work, not only in the casting alone but also the sculpting. it is a great achievement.thanks for sharing this with me, it is an inspiration.

  6. Yes, thank you for sharing this with us. Excellent and amazing work, but the chance for me to see it in reality are quite small, which is a pitty!

  7. an ambitious project and very well done! love the site!

  8. I’m impressed with the work. It is both an inspiration and a blessing.

    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Very ambitious and inspiring! Well done– and I also would love to see it in person. It looks as though it was placed in the perfect setting as well.

  10. You deserve all this appreciation. Great drawing/design, great transposition to clay, great casting, great instalation/site, great photos. It’s a stirring work in the best ‘romantic’ Chinese tradition.

    • Yes, the freeze was daetsavting for me, a tiny vegetable garden-gardener. This was my first time trying a winter garden. My freeze protection device was a Wal-mart Blue tarp which I draped over higher than vegetable sticks. The perimeter was protected somewhat by trash bags filled with leaves and debris I had raked with the fall leaf raking. I provided heat under the tarp with a 100 wt non-efficient light bulb. This length of time and depth of the cold temperatures took a hit and destroyed the tomatoes, which were really beginning to set fruit and the peppers-green and jalepenos. Most likely due to the inadequate light bulb. I might have saved them if I had added a second Light bulb. The geraniums also lost. But the collards, leaf lettuce, broccoli and swiss chard did survive. I’m thinking of expanding my endeavors next fall and to build some sort of low budget greenhouse. Any ideas? As a senior, and planning to augment my shopping with the produce from my garden, I’ll need something that I can pretty much build myself from basically home salvage.

      • Anna Posted on Wish I could have gone with you guys. I always want to look back at Hunter and then I alsomt fall over. Typical me LOVE these pictures of the ride.

  11. This piece must have been a huge undertaking, but worth all the trouble. Thanks for sharing it as well as the process.

  12. Fantastic piece a lot of work and great results! Congratulations!!!

  13. It isn’t easy creating monumental sculptures – the risk is tremendous at every stage. Congratulations on its successful completion. Wish you many more such projects!

    • Thanks for your support Hemant, I appreciate.
      As you said, it’s not a simple task from perspective of project management.

  14. Hi Owen
    what a fantastic piece of work and very skillfully looks amazing, congratulations.

    • Hi Lucy, Thanks for your comments. Good to know you like it.

  15. Very nice work. Good luck on future projects!

  16. Hi Owen!
    Wow! Fantastic and beautiful work! Happy to read about this process!!

  17. My compliments to the high standard of ART and FOUNDRY work. GORGEOUS :-)))

  18. I love it! Very nice work, congratulations!

  19. Fantastic work! Congratulation 🙂

  20. Wow!! What a gorgeous piece and what an amazing foundry!! Beautiful work Owen!

    • Thanks


  22. Tany foundry, for monumental outdoor sculptures like this one, you might give the location, and to be sure for those unfamiliar with geography of such a large country, the latitude and longitude would enable people to see using and zooming in from the satellite view. This would increase tourism and the fame of your wonderful business. I hope profits are shared with all the workers involved in production.

  23. Just looked you up on Google and very impressed!…I live in NZ and I have been sculpting in bronze since late 80’s.
    I am hoping to travel to China and would love to visit your foundry,I would like to discuss the prospects of having some of my Ltd editions produced by your foundry ( if possible)
    Please tell me if you are still operational and where in China are you situated?
    Carol Bodde.


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