How It Is Made Series: Larger than Life Size Soldier

Tany Foundry just accomplish a larger than life size sculpture. Here is a short description how we make it.

  • Sculpture profile:
  • Solider: 1.5 times larger life size figure
  • Material: Bronze
  • Method: Sand casting
  • Bronze casting by Tany Foundry

Step One: Digital scanning. The digital file is gained by scanning a monumental soldier sculpture with a portable 3D scanner.


Step Two: CNC Milling and Finishing






Step Three: Sand Molding; bronze casting










Feel free to contact us  if you have any question on how we cast this sculpture in bronze or you need a bidding for your own project.


  1. Thanks for posting this. It was interesting and educational.

  2. I think I will send you some images of pieces I have done …it would be intersting to see how much it would cost for you to enlarge them (and ship them here)

  3. Hello,
    Nice work, very professional, congratulations!
    Best Regards,
    Vasko Vassilev

  4. Hi. Your work looks fantastic. I am really impressed with the quality.

  5. I find it very interessting and all the best!

  6. Great job Owen, your people rock! I particularly liked seeing the scale of your CNC mill, and the steps leading up to the finished sculpture. I hope you get final images from the artist when the piece is installed, as these would be a great finale to a great job.
    As usual, well done! I want to create at this scale…now all I need is an introduction to someone with “deep pockets”! Who do you know who want to invest in new media monumental, solar powered sculpture?

  7. In step two, what is the material that you are milling?

    • EPS foam.

  8. Nice job all the way through. I like your patina. Was it applied hot? Ferric Nitrate, perhaps?

  9. Beautiful seamless finish. Was the back framing material also in bronze with a different patina? would love to see photos of the finished work in situ! Thanks Owen.

  10. Dear Owen, more amazing work from the Tany Foundry. I sincerely hope that one day you can enlarge and cast one of my sculptures.

  11. I don’t know what to say really, you seem to be very professional and great in your work. Keep up the good work, hope we would cooperate one day. All best!

  12. Complicated and interesting at the same time, i love it. Keep up the good work.

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  14. How much would a piece that large run?

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