Gold Leafing Bronze sculpture

Tany Foundry has been exploring the best practice on gold leafing bronze sculpture for 30 years. Here is one of our recent case. The sculpture is a 410MM diameter Medusa sculpture.


Here is a brief documentation on how we make it.


Step One: Digital modeling.  There are many popular PC software for digital modeling, like Zbrush, Maya, Rhino etc.


digital sculpture




Step 2: 3D printing




Step 3: silicon rubber molding & Wax work




Step 4: Bronze casting, Gold leafing. We cast the sculpture with silicon bronze and gold leafing it with 24K gold.





Feel free to contact us know if you have any question.

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  1. I’m an artist — Currently living in Asheville, North Carolina, United States. I’m a jewelry maker and a Small item Sculpture Artist. I am in two museum permanent Collections, and in the permanent collection at the White House — And in Private Collections in America — New York City, Los Angeles, in I’m wondering if I can Work with you for my work. Thank you
    James Peacock

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