Gold Gilt Bronze Sculpture

Gold gilding is a traditional decorative technique for applying gold leaf to solid surface such as metal, wood, stone. Gold leaf is extremely thin. The average thickness is around 2.4 μ ,whose thickness is only one tens of diameter of a hair.

china gold gilding, gold gild sculpture


Sculptors worldwide have been long applying gold gilding onto their sculptures. Egypt is one of the earliest to use this technique. In ancient China, sculptors gold gild on bronze sculpture such as Buddha. This made craftsman master the technique quite well because gold gilding is a way to expressing their respect toward Buddha. Japan is another country which master this technique fluently.

Tany Foundry, as a leading sculpture foundry in China, has been casting bronze and gold gilding for 30 years.

Here are some of benefits of applying gold gilding onto sculptures.


  •  Gold, with its luster, makes the sculpture looks really beautiful. Below is the gold gilt sunflowers and lotus Tany Foundrymade for one of the top Chinese artist Xu Jiang.The sculptures are bronze casting and we apply gold leaves onto every single sunflowers, lotus and stone.
Gold Leafing, Gold Gilt, Bronze sculpture China


Gold Leafing, Gold Sculpture, Gold Gilding, Bronze Sculpture


Gold Leafing, Gold Gilt, Bronze sculpture Foundry China

  • With proper finish treatment, gold gilding is highly anti-oxidation, which means the sculpture can keep its luster over years.Here are some of gold gilt bronze athlete sculptures Tany Foundry made over 10 years ago. They look just like brand new now even though they are not maintenance regularly.
Gold Leafing, Gold Gilt, Bronze sculpture Foundry China
Gold Leafing, Gold Gilt, Bronze sculpture Art Foundry China
Gold Leafing, Gold Sculpture, Gold Gilding, Bronze Sculpture
Gold Leafing, Gold Gilt, Bronze sculpture Art Foundry China


To make the most from gold gilding, we have some tips for sculptors planning to use this technique.

  • If funding allows, use 22K or 24K gold leaf instead of those with lower gold percentage. This could make the gilt sculpture last its luster much longer.
  •  Hire skillful gilding craftsman. They can save you a lot of budget. Experienced craftsman is able to make best use of each gold leaf without wasting. Also, they can make a big difference on the final finishing effect.
  •  Apply a clear coating after the gilding is finished. The coating works as a protective layer on the gold finish.

Feel free to let us know if you have any technical question about gild gilding. Please click here.


  1. very nice

    • Michael, thanks. 🙂

      • Flight is my favorite. It took me quite some time to see that the metal was cut trohugh so that you can see the landscape trohugh it. The first several looks that that the birds were painted on, not cut-outs. Nice sculpture and nice pic.

  2. Very good indeed. Nice article and a good read.

    • Tovald, thanks so much
      I will write an article about the process of gold gilding soon.

  3. Owen,

    Your English is quite good. Informative article, but why a protective coating, if you state that gold is oxidation free?

    • Hi Michael.thanks for your comments.
      The reason to apply a clear coating is to protect the sculptures from all dust particles and possbile people touch, which may leave sweat on its surface.

    • Adam, I smell the scent of greatness Your arittsic talent is soaring, and I’m sure betting that you are becoming a respected name among sculptors. Glad to be able to say I knew him when Congratulations on another fine piece of art. I’d say Keep up the great work, but then, I know you will so no need to say it. Major kudos dude. Major kudos.

  4. Can you indicate approximate cost for goldleaf finish on a sculpture like those in your examples, simplified human figure, for life-size and for a figure that is only 50cm tall?

    Thank you


  5. Thanks fore this info,I use fore manny years gold leave on my bronzes.

  6. Beautiful work, and interesting information about the gold leaf. I love the movement in your monument in space.
    Thank you for sharing

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