Art Metal Alloy We Cast

High quality metal alloy is the foundation to create beautiful sculptures. From our establishment, Tany Foundry has been use high standard metal alloy for art projects. We provide bronze and aluminum casting sample for clients to perform chemical test so you can know exactly what ally we use for your sculptures.

Silicon Bronze

Silicon Bronze Ingot  – Everdur

The commonly used bronze alloy in North America. It features high strength and nice durability.

Tany Foundry is one of the few foundries in China capable of casting this bronze alloy.


  • Copper: 95%,
  • Silicon:4%,
  • Manganese:1%



Brass works fine for small sized sculptures but may be not fit for large scale projects as its endurance property is not as good as silicon bronze. If you have limited budget or the sculpture is to be installed indoors, we recommend this alloy.


  • Copper: 62%
  • Zinc:38%


Aluminum Alloy: A-G3T

Known as great strength and highly corrosion resistance performance even in the most harsh environment, we are the ONLY foundry in China capable applying this alloy to cast sculpture.


  • Aluminum: 95%
  • Titanium:0.15%
  • Magnesium: 2.7% – 3.3%

Stainless steel


We are capable of casting stainless steel Grade 316 and stainless steel Grade 304 for sculpture.

Stainless steel casting requires much higher melting temperature than bronze and much more time for chasing and finishing.

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