What’s the cost of your service?

We charge very reasonable cost for our service. We offer flexible service package according to different projects. We help clients optimize the best production method to reduce the cost. One of our strengths is making monumental sculpture, on which we can offer very competitive pricing. For artists who need to cast limited editions, we have special discount for them. If you need an estimate for your project, please email us

I've never worked with an oversea foundry. How can you guarantee the quality ?

We have over 30 years experience on art foundry business. Our artisans in key positions, like mold maker, chaser, polisher, finishing worker are all the best in this industry. We use good quality metal alloy for casting and we have a professional quality control team to make sure the best possible result

What metal casting technique do you use for sculpture casting?

We use lost wax casting for small sized sculpture and sand casting for large sized work. We are able to cast sculpture at any size. (For those large sized works, we willdissemble it into several parts and ship it with a container

What metal do you cast for sculpture ?

We cast

  • Silicon bronze Everdur,
  • Brass ,
  • Aluminum,
  • Stainless steel 304 and 316 and

other customized alloy. For details of the metal alloy we cast, please visit this page.

What do I need to give you for casting or fabricating a piece of work?

You can send us one of the following items for us to start a project

• The original sculpture or its mould.

• A Maquette of your work. We will enlarge it to the desired size for metal casting or fabrication.

• Digital mould of your work. You scan your work with 3D scanner and send us the digital file. We can make the pattern by CNC milling or Rapid Prototyping.

• A CAD file, draft or even a conceptual drawing of your idea. We can help you clarify your idea and assist you make decision on the final form of your work.

Can I just provide you with a drawing or photos so you can sculpt according to the photo?

Definitely. We have been working with good contracted sculptors and they can sculpt from photos or drawing you provide. A couple of photos from different angles are preferred.

How will you handle my mold or patterns?

Any mold or pattern provided by clients will be carefully handled and will be returned back to the client by default. For those molds for repeated using, we will keep them in a safe warehouse upon client’s request. We can keep the molds free of charge for one year. We never use the mold without client’s permission.

Will my work or copyright be infringed illegally if I decide you to cast ?

Absolutely Not. It’s one of our core policies to protect the copyright of our clients. We have been following the international copyright law since our establishment. Any of the designs, mold, pattern, original, casting, fabrications will be seen as your intellectual property and we will never use that without your permission.

Can you arrange shipping

Yes, we can. We have long time logistic partners and we can arrange shipping by air or sea at special shipping rate. We can arrange door to door shipping or ship it to your nearest port so you can pick up yourself.

How about the shipping cost ?

The shipping rate varies depending on where you are, which transportation method you like, etc. We suggest shipping by air for small sized work and sea shipping for large sized works. Please contact us if you need a shipping rate to your place.
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