Why Tany Sculpture Foundry?

There are several reasons that you should consider Tany Foundry as your partner.

  • We are a full service foundry and provide you with the following service

            Mold making: silicone mold making; plaster mold making; fiberglass mold making

            Bronze casting, aluminum casting, stainless steel casting

            Bronze fabrication; stainless steel fabrication; high/mirror polishing

           Metal Work: welding, assembling, polishing

           Finishing & Patina

           Digital Enlargement/Reduction: CNC milling, Rapid Prototyping

           Logistics service: door to door shipping arrangement

  • Reliability: our foundry has been in this industry for over 30 years and we have cast thousands of sculpture works for sculptors around world. Your sculpture will be assigned with a project manager and he will take care of everything from the beginning to the end and reports to your about the whole progress.
  • Affordability: we’ve been improving casting techniques and methods to save cost and keep our price competitive. We believe this would make your sculpture project go easier and smoother. We believe good artwork shouldn’t be luxury.

How can I start a project?

l   We have several options for your choose.

l   Send us a pattern of your work and we do the rest of the work. The pattern is preferred using plaster or fiberglass. These materials are suitable for long distance transportation.

l   Send us the silicone or plaster mold of your work and we will do the rest of the job. Please pack the mold in strong box for safety shipping purpose.

l   Scan your work with a laser scanner and send us the digital file. Let us know the size of the sculpture you want us to cast and we will use the digital file to make the pattern of the wanted size and do metal casting. In this way, you can also send us the maquette and we can do the scanning for you.

Do I need to pay deposit to start a project? How much?

Yes, after all details of the sculpture project have been decided by both parties, we will sign a contract with you and a certain amount of deposit is to be made for starting the project. The amount of the deposit is as specified in the contract.

How long will it take for you to produce a bronze sculpture? Say, a life-sized figure.

The time to complete a sculpture varies depending on some factors: the scale of the project, its complexity, its specific requirement, etc. Generally speaking, it takes around 25 working days to cast a life-sized bronze figure upon our receiving your pattern.

How will you handle my pattern after receiving it ?

Your pattern (original work) will be carefully used and kept during the casting process and we will ship the finished sculpture together with the pattern back to you. We view the pattern as your important property and will never use it for other purpose

 I heard that there are copyright infringements occurring in China and I am very concerned about that. How do you guarantee my copyright would be copycatted in China ?

First of all, we value the creativity of artists and are strongly opposing any copyright infringement activity. We have been working closely with artists to protect their copyright. In our foundry, your sculpture patterns, molds or digital representation will be closely guarded and won’t be forwarded to a third party without your prior written permission. We promise to use the any material you send us in a way that both of us agree previously. We will ship back the pattern or destroy it after the metal castings are made upon your request.

Besides, we will sign a Copyright Guarantee Contract with you to make all those rules clear.

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