Fallen: A Man Made Up of Lots of Faces

Recently, Australia sculptor Mr.Ken Sealey designs a sculpture called  Fallen, which is a man made up of lots of small flat faces. The sculpture captures the moment when a solider is falling and dying. The sculptor express the scene in a creative way. The sculpture is 45 CM long and cast bronze. Below is a photo of the finished work.



As a leading art bronze foundry in China, Tany Foundry is very glad to participate in this project. First, we make the master pattern with advanced Rapid Prototyping technology; then we make silicon rubber mold and wax; finally, we cast the work in bronze with lost wax casting technique, doing finishing and polishing it.

Below is a brief description on how Tany Foundry make it.

First, the artist sends us the digital model of the sculpture. He sculpt the 3D model with computer software. Besides sculpting directly on computer, 3D model can be also obtained by scanning a real object. This is very useful for realism style sculpture, which is hard to sculpt on computer. The uniqueness of this piece of artworks is its lots of small flat faces, which is difficult to realize in traditional way ( clay working), so the artist make it on computer.




Next step, with Rapid Prototyping technology, we make the model of the sculpture.




Our next step is making silicon rubber mold and wax work for the sculpture. This is one of the most important step of the whole process. Because of the shape and uniqueness of the sculpture, it requires very high skill to make mold. The faces are flat and the edges are straight, we have to make sure the mold will keep all the details right. To do that, we need to plan the dividing line carefully and disassemble the sculpture into parts.





Finally, we cast bronze, doing finishing and polishing on the bronze piece. It looks very beautiful after polishing.



If you have any question about the technical process of the sculpture or you need an estimate for your own work. Please contact us.







  1. hi owen, i saw this bronze casting on sat at an exhibition in mt lawley and i spoke to ken. iam pleased to tell you i will be using your foundry. can you send me some photos etc of horses you have cast in bronze. from small to life size. cheers robert

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