Easter Bunny Sculpturatural Project

A man’s limit is his own limitation. With the help of artist’s talent, amazing artworks can be created.

Tany Foundry is so honored to collaborate with artist Brigita and Sandis to produce a wonderful Easter Bunny aluminum cast sculpture, which consists of a big bunny, lots of vegetables and fruits.

The bunny sculpture  is 7.5 feet tall. We combine lost wax casting with lost wax casting to maximize the best possible artistic appearance. Then we highly polished the sculpture pieces.

Below is are photo documentation showing how we make it.

Here is the rendering drawing of the sculpture.

2014-5-22 22-07-11


We make the patterns of the sculptures.



We cast aluminum and are chasing them. It is very difficult to cast some of the fruits becuase there are thin. We combine lost wax casting and sand casting to succsffuly make them.





After very careful chasing and cleaning the aluminum casting, we move on polishing. We employ three step polishing system to polish all the pieces. The result is stunning.



Here are a few photos showing the finished works.








We use 24K gold leaf for gilding the Easter bunny. The textures of the rabbit is wrinkle like and we keep all the textures carefully. The gold gilt sculpture looks really beautiful.




Feel free to let me know if you have any technical question for this or your own project.

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