Case Study: Bronze Bull

Tany Foundry just cast a 12.5 feet long bronze bull. Here is the process how we make it.


Step One: Scanning maquette and generate 3D model.


3D scanning


Step Two: Sculpture enlargement. We enlarge the sculpture to 12.5 feet long.

sculpture enlargement


Step Three: Sand molding and bronze casting. We sections the pattern for

bronze casting and assembly it bull later. The material we use is silicon bronze Everdur.






Step Four: Finishing and patina. Our artisans carefully grind and sand the welding seam,

sand blast and do patina on bronze.







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  1. Amazing what a 3D scanner can do, the finished bronze is exceptional !

  2. Very interesting to see the process and the bronze looks exceptional, great casting

  3. Very nice!!

    Have to try bronze work someday.

  4. Very good use of 3-D scanner. I make small models and sometimes have clients ask for bronze prices. I mostly have a Moldmaker to cast in bronze color resin. There is a foundry near Orlando, but wonder what your prices and shipping would be to get a life size head done.
    I have done sandcasting, welding, lost wax casting. I am familiar with the processes. I make small figures and portraits in clay and wonder if I can get them made into bronze and for what cost.. I worked for Disney sculpting large figures in foam, and small ones in epoxie clay. I am doing more realistic figures and heads now.

    • I have a few questions that I wanted to ask you about on shaping foam.

  5. I work abstract with a direct metal process so it’s a little more old school. Gotta love modern technology mixed with casting which is a bit older than welding… Well done

  6. Love love love the patina!

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