Case Study: 10 ft Tall Bronze Cast Ape Finger Sculpture

It is a very special sculptural project Tany Foundry accomplish recently.  It is a 10 ft tall bronze cast Ape Finger sculpture featuring extreme complicated texture and detail level. It is among our most challenging job and we employ special casting technique to make it. Below is a short description how we cast it.

Project Name: Ape Finger

Size: 10 Feet tall

Material: Silicon bronze Everdur

Casting Technique: Lost wax casting ( plaster shelling)

Production lead time: 45 days

Major Challenge:  the big size sculpture with extremely complicated texture and details.

Step One:  We sculpt the pattern of the sculpture.


Step Two: For normal project, a sculpture project at this scale requires sand casting technique. However, since this sculpture features so much texture, we decide using lost wax casting. We make silicon rubber mold and wax from it. All texture and details has to be perfect.


Step Three: Pour bronze.


Step Four: Chasing. This is the key step during the entire process. All texture on the bronze has to be kept perfectly while we still need to cut off the sprues.


Step Five: Welding, assembling and finishing.





Step Six:  Patination. We do black patina on the bronze. The final work look fantastic.





If you have any technical question for your own project, feel free to contact us.










  1. A really interesting snapshot of the bronze casting process and great to see the the technical choices made for the casting of this piece. The finished cast looked great with the detailed surface losing nothing through the casting process. It is always good to see sculpture cast to such high standards.

  2. It looks fantastic and I particularly like the patination. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond.

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