Bronze Sculpture Casting from 3D Printing

Tany Foundry is one of the first fine art foundries in China applying 3D printing to bronze sculpture casting. 3D Printing  is very useful for making patterns directly from digital 3D mold.

Recently we us RP for casting bronze sculptures for our old friend Tom , who is a talented sculptors very good at figurative sculpting.

The sculptures are two 40 inches tall footballers. The artist sculpted the maquette and scan it with a 3D scanner, scale it up to the inch tall and send us the digital file. We print the sculpture out with Rapid Prototyping for bronze casting. Below is a detailed description of the whole process.


"Rapid Prototyping Lost Wax Bronze Casting China"


This is the maquette of the sculpture, 12 inch tall. The maquette is to be scanned by a 3d scanner.



The artist scan the Maquette with a 3D scanner and generate the 3D mold of the sculpture. There are many formats available for RP printing. The most often used is STL and STP. Besides 3D scanning, you can also use 3D software to create digital mould. The most commonly use 3D software is Rhino, Zbrush and Maya.


Digital Model for Rapid Prototyping China


After receiving the digital file from artist, we need to make necessary touch up on the work  since there are always some piece missing during the scanning process.

"Rapid Prototyping Sculpture"


Rapid Prototyping Sculpture China


Rapid Prototyping Sculpture China


After refinement of the 3D mold, we print out the sculpture.  We make sure  all the textured details of the sculpture are well kept.  The printed pieces require our artisan to remove the imperfection and smooth its surface. To do that, we use very fine grain sand paper to sand the piece. The finished work is ready for making silicone rubber mold and wax work.




Lost wax bronze casting foundry China


Lost wax bronze casting foundry China


We make silicone rubber mold and the wax work ( for lost wax casting).  We pay great attention to the make sure all the details of the wax is in perfect condition.


Lost wax bronze casting foundry China


Lost wax bronze art foundry China


Lost wax bronze casting art foundry China


We use lost wax casting to cast bronze sculpture.  After the bronze castings come out, we  do the metal chase and weld pieces together, check out all the welding seam and smooth them. Bronze sculpture casting has been Tany’s core business and we have a team of very skillful artisans to handle this.


custom bronze casting China


custom lost wax bronze casting China


custom lost wax bronze casting China


After chasing work, we do patina on the bronze casting and seal wax.  According to the artist’s needs, we use dark brown for patina and the work is completed and they look really nice.

If you have any question about the technical process of Rapid Prototyping ,bronze sculpture casting or need an estimate for making your own work, please contact us.





  1. Thank you Owen for information on rapid prototying mold process. I find it intreging. I will keep your foundry in mind for all future size-up projects.
    Please continue to send information on your fine foundry work.
    Thnak you,


    • Gary, thanks for your comments.
      Feel free to let me know if you have any question.

      • I look forward to reaidng more of your articles and posts in the future, so I’ve bookmarked your blog. When I see good quality content, I like to share it with others. So I’ve created a backlink to your site. Thank you!…

  2. Owen,
    Beautiful work from A – Z and I would definitely consider your services for bronze casting, 3D imaging scale up/down, and rapid prototyping. Thank you for sending the information that I requested.
    Don Williams

    • Hi Don, That would be great. Let me know if you have any technical question about sculpture enlargement or metal casting !

  3. I am happy to read that you are able to cast from a stl file. I am also happy that you can make the conversion from stl to a surface file for milling. I will send you a stl file for pricing. I own Art Casting Of Illinois, Inc. and have a laser scanner. I have been having castings done in China for several years but your quality and technology looks superior. Do you cast for anyone in the Chicago, USA area that I might contact for references.

    All best wishes,

    Dr. Harry Spell

  4. i love those type of statues but it is advised to clean things from time to time

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  6. Dear Sirs,
    I have some rather bad photos of three many years ago destroyed sculptures. I am interested whether you could produce 3D bronze or aluminium sculptures out of these photos. I don’t know how to send you those photos for inspection. Please, give me the e-mail to which I could send the photos.
    Best reagrds,
    Darko Bekic

  7. Dear sir,
    I am interested in getting a 3D scanned face masks bronzed.
    Can you quote cost and lead time if I send you the STL file?
    Thank you.

  8. Hi Tany Foundry. Do you buy quality original scuplture from European artists for the purpose of reproduction?

    Kind regards

    Geoff Fahey

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