Beauty of Chaos: Stainless Steel Fabrication Sculpture

People love colors. Public artists have been exploring using color for their works for many years.

Recently, Tany Foundry, the leading art fabrication service in China, work with local public artist Min Chiang on a stainless steel fabrication wall sculpture with gradual changed colors. From designer’s own words, “I want the viewers to find the beauty from chaos”.

Here is the brief description on the how we make it.


Stainless steel fabrication with powder coating China


Stainless steel sculpture fabrication China


Stainless steel sculpture fabricator China



Project Name: The Beauty of Chaos

Size: 5 Meters long

Material: Stainless steel sheet Grade 316

Wall Thickness: 2.5 MM

Production: Fabrication

Finishing: Two part epoxy powder coating

The Challenge of this work: coat gradual changed color on sculpture.


  • First we fabricate the sculpture with stainless steel sheet. We use stainless steel Grade 316 to make sure its corrosion resistant performance.We use water jet cutter to cut stainless steel sheet to the desired size. Water jet cutting is controlled by computer with very high accuracy on the size of cut. Because of the size of the sculpture, we have to work on them section by section.
  • Then we hammer the pattern on the stainless steel sheet. The pattern is designed by artist. It is very important to make sure the pattern is continues and sections are fit well.
  • After that, we assembly sections of stainless steel fabrication to form one single piece. Finally, our artisan powder coat the sculpture with two part epoxy. The challenge of doing the coating is that the color of the sculpture is not a mono tone. There are several colors on the sculpture and they are gradual changed. We need present the beauty of Chaos just like the name indicates.

One Comment

  1. Hi Tany Foundry
    I have a query about getting a number of water droplets fabricated in 316 grade stainless, length 50cm x 20cm at the widest point. Probably need a qty of 8 but still in negotiation with clients.
    This only preliminary query and also might be interested in getting larger element made with you, but for now I’m interested in getting a rough costing for now.


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