Art Foundry Field book for Sculptor Series

Knowing the capacity and limit of foundry tools is important for sculptors who want to create a piece of successful art work. Even with the best design and intention, it can realize within the capacity of foundry tool. I am planning to write a series posts on the common tools art foundry use for casting bronze/ aluminum sculptures, which may be useful for sculptors who want to know how to use proper tool to achieve the ideas artistic effect he/she wants.

This time I’d like to a tool: air scribe, which plays an important role in finishing bronze casting or aluminum casting.  As we know, many sculptures features very nice details and texture. However, it is never easy to achieve that without careful chasing and finishing work.

Air Scribe is one of the  useful helpers we use to do that. Below is a video clip on how we use the scribe.

Here are a few features you can employ from air scribe

  • It rotates rapidly and powerfully to make the bronze casting smoother.
  • The scribe can replaced with tools with different hardness and diameter, fit for different purpose.
  • It is suitable for using after bronze chasing to refine some details and texture on bronze casting.
  • We recommend choosing the proper size scribe according to the bronze sculpture you are working on.
  • You have to be very careful when handling small pieces with high level of textured details. A smaller diameter scribe works best on those pieces. Starts from slower speed and make it faster when necessary. 

We are using an air scribe to do finishing on a piece of bronze cast sculpture. ( Silicon Bronze)


It works quite well on the finishing job. The detail is becoming clear and smooth.



Feel free to let me know if you have any question.


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