A Case Study of Stainless Steel Fabrication Public Art

In 2010, to celebrate Shanghai World Expo, we worked with artist Huaibing Guan to fabricate a stainless steel public artwork, called Travel in Time.

This works measures 88 feet long and 13 feet wide. It’s fabricated with stainless steel by hand.

This is a maze like structure with paths inside. People can go through the paths to experience of traveling in time.

The whole maze are made up of around 30 separate pieces. The components of this works are square stainless tubes. We print out the drawing and bend, weld stainless tubes according to drawing. Stainless steel fabrication is a laborious works which requires the metal worker with rich experience and knowledge. One of the difficulty of this job is to make sure the separates pieces can fit with each other for installation.

After the frame is complicated, we grind those welds to make sure it’s smooth. The final step is painting. According to the artist, we apply white painting onto stainless steel.

After completion, we transport the works in Shanghai square and install it.

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  1. Attractive work of stainless steel public work

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