4 Ways 3D Tech Can Help Sculptors

As the pioneering art foundry in China exploring help to apply 3D tech to help sculptors create works. we’d like to share a few of our thoughts.

(1) Pre-Visualization
Compared with traditional clay modeling, 3D modeling can quickly visualize your ideas.
It is very useful in you design phase when you want to modify your model or make a series variation of a piece of sculpture.

(2) Integrate 3D Tech with Art Foundry process
The traditional process of clay modeling – bronze casting is been taken place by 3D scanning/ printing- bronze casting process. It is not only faster but also more economical.

(3) 3D Scan your original work for virtual exhibition.
By 3D scanning your own work, you can exhibit it anywhere around world without physically sending off the piece to a place. 3D virtual exhibition can greatly boost the influence your works and make the collectors know your sculptures much better than 2D images.

(4) 3D Scanning Help Restore Old Sculpture
By 3D scanning your own sculptures, you can reserve its 3D image permanently, which can be use to maintain the sculpture after a few years. This tech is extremely helpful to save the old sculptures.

Below are a few works we produce by integrating 3D tech with metal casting.

Tany Foundry 20140901-1

Tany Foundry 20140901-5 Tany Foundry 20140901-3 Tany Foundry 20140901-4

Tany Foundry 20140901-2 

I’d like to hear your opinions on how 3D tech has change the way you create artworks.

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  1. Am a sculptor from kenya.If i send you a3d polygonal model file of a figure sculpture to produce a 8ft sculpture,how much will it cost to do it in expanded polystyrene EPS.Just give a rough estimate and how long it will take

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