3 Tips to Achieve High Quality Polished Sculpture

Tany Foundry has been working hard to test different approaches to achieve high quality polished finishing on bronze and stainless steel cast sculptures.
We’d like to introduce three proven effective tips to artists on how we polish on sculptures.




Tip 1: Chasing and finishing bronze casting very carefully.
The quality of chasing is closely related to the final quality on polished finishing. Therefore, every imperfection has to be fixed; every pinhole has to be filled. The surface before polishing has to be very smooth and consistent. Good quality casting is the foundation for nice polishing.

One thing worth noting is that unlike stainless steel fabrication , it is difficult to achieve mirror polishing finishing on stainless steel casting.

Tip 2: Choosing polishing tools carefully.
We employ multiple step polishing approach. For the preliminary polishing process, we use rough polishing wheel then proceed to use finer polishing material.
Use while polishing compound first, when use green compound.

polishing compound


Above: polishing compound: green and white.

polishing wheel


Above: Polishing wheel

Tips 3: Control the temperature of the casting when polishing.
Polishing process will generate large amount of heat, which should be avoided as it will burn the surface of the metal and lower the polishing quality.
It is a good idea to use fan or water cooling system to coll down the surface of metal when polishing.

Feel free to contact us if you have any technical question of your own project.  We offer free technical consultancy to artists.


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  1. Kan you give de prize for this sculpture? the high is 2m10

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