18 Feet tall bronze Relief Column: Story

People are always interested in story, even in the time of internet. People tell story in different ways. Sculpture is of of the most interesting ways.

Now Tany Foundry is working on some 18 feet tall bronze relief columns called Story. The relief depicts the story and lifestyle of ancient Chinese people: where they lived; how they did their work, the interaction between people and nature. We make the story interesting to viewers and let them travel back to the good old days to see and feel how their ancestors lived their lives. This project is commissioned by our local government.

  • Designer: Guo Deshen
  • Project Name : Story; 18 feet tall bronze relief column
  • Dimension : 18 feet tall
  • Material: 2 MM thick bronze sheet
  • Method: bronze fabricated and hammered.
  • Status: ongoing. Ready for patina.

Brief process: first we sculpt on clay the relief. Then we make fiberglass mold from the clay work. Then we fabricate and hammer the sculpture. Finally, we do patina. The designer Mr.Guo offers us drawing of the relief. We sculpt it with clay and make fiberglass. All of the work is done by our experienced artisans.


Bronze relief | Bronze fabrication


This bronze relief depicts the view of countryside of ancient times. You can see clearly the ox and houses on the relief.


Bronze relief | sculpture fabricator China


The details of the relief.  You can see the country house and the trees.


Bronze relief | Bronze sculpture fabrication China


This relief is about a famous poet in ancient China. The upper left is his poem. All characters are clearly engraved and the shape is clear to see.



The details of the relief. There are mountains, temple and trees on the relief. All of them are fabricated manually by our artisans.



Our artisan is working on the relief. He has 30 years experience.



Some bronze reliefs we are working on. They are ready for patina. The bronze relief columns are to be installed in our local museum.








  1. Keep up the great work!


    Sabin Howard

  2. looks fantastic. glad to see great, large figurative art alive and kicking

  3. You are right that people appreciate stories. I sure do, and I appreciate this one. The idea of it reminds me of the large, lovely bronze relief depicting the history of Singapore, in Singapore. Not only do I appreciate these sculptures as sculptures, but as stories. Thank you.

  4. Yes, very nice. I also would like an idea on pricing including shipping to NYC. I sometimes like working in wax and then casting in bronze. Is it possible to come to your factory and working in wax and having the wax sculptures cast in bronze? What large city are you near in China?
    Thank You
    Tom Blatt

  5. This is truly beautiful work Owen. I just finished a 50 foot relief in Stod, CZ this summer and wish it were in bronze! You can see it on http://www.facebook.com/OlinkaBroadfootArtist/
    I would love to work with your foundry!

  6. Interesting new interpretation of traditional Chinese screen painting. Looking forward to seeing the patina in the final piece and installation shots.

  7. Aloha From Hawaii, Your method produces Fantastic results, Bravo! Now, Your Next Project……….A Super Contemporary Work! The Modern China Urban/Rural City and Modern Agriculture Captured in this process as a Historical Document with Great Longevity. aloha

    • Aloha also from Hawaii! yes the results are fantastic and a contemporary work would really be compatible…..old and new….and all that.
      I wish your foundry was closer!!
      Aloha Di

  8. Hi Owen, This looks great! The strong silhouettes and and iconography make the visual communication instant. Also the square arrangement of panels are like a totem pole which invites the viewer to walk around them..
    Nice work!

  9. Looks absolutely wonderful Owen, what an achievement, story telling for all time and all generations!

  10. Hello Owen, Thanks for your post, it is great and bives me inspiration to see such wnderful work. I can believe the work will provide a sense of pride and awe for so many people that will see this work. Awesome!!


  12. Exceptional work. Your foundry men are a credit to the industry.

  13. I like the approach and the scale the relief I think the patina will really make or brake the concept . It looks as if you have the right craftsman for the Job . Placement is also very important to tell the story !

  14. your afive bronze artis ==from.www.bodasustatues.com

  15. I want to create a bronze relief which will represent my life on my head stone at burial. Included on the relief will be photos of myself and my family in collage.
    Please tell me how I may use your skils to accomplish this important art work to last forever.

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