"Tany Foundry is THE leading fine art foundry in China."

We offer highest quality level bronze and aluminum casting.

Bronze Casting

We offer high quality custom bronze casting service. Our staff has over 30 years experience. No matter your sculpture is miniature or monumental size, we are able to handle it. We cast silicon bronze,brass, aluminum and stainless steel

Aluminum Casting

Aluminum casting is one of Tany Foundry’s strengths. We’ve accomplished numerous sculptural projects successfully, large or small.Aluminum casting requires very specialized skill on welding and finishing so only artisans with years’ experience

Sculpture Fabrication

We a team of skillful fabricators with hundreds successful stainless steel and bronze fabrication cases.We offer services of copper fabrication and stainless steel fabrication; welding; bending; laser cutting, water jet cutting; mirror polishing.

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