"Tany Foundry is THE leading fine art foundry in China."

We offer highest quality level bronze and aluminum casting.

Bronze Casting

We offer high quality custom bronze casting service. Our staff has over 30 years experience. No matter your sculpture is miniature or monumental size, we are able to handle it. We cast silicon bronze,brass, aluminum and stainless steel

Aluminum Casting

Aluminum casting is one of Tany Foundry’s strengths. We’ve accomplished numerous sculptural projects successfully, large or small.Aluminum casting requires very specialized skill on welding and finishing so only artisans with years’ experience

Sculpture Fabrication

We a team of skillful fabricators with hundreds successful stainless steel and bronze fabrication cases.We offer services of copper fabrication and stainless steel fabrication; welding; bending; laser cutting, water jet cutting; mirror polishing.

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4 Ways 3D Tech Can Help Sculptors

As the pioneering art foundry in China exploring help to apply 3D tech to help sculptors create works. we’d like to share a few of our thoughts. (1) Pre-Visualization Compared with traditional clay modeling, 3D modeling can quickly visualize your ideas. It is very useful in you design phase when you want to modify your model or make a series variation of a piece of sculpture. (2) Integrate 3D Tech with Art Foundry process The traditional process of clay modeling – bronze casting is been taken place by 3D...

Easter Bunny Sculpturatural Project

A man’s limit is his own limitation. With the help of artist’s talent, amazing artworks can be created. Tany Foundry is so honored to collaborate with artist Brigita and Sandis to produce a wonderful Easter Bunny aluminum cast sculpture, which consists of a big bunny, lots of vegetables and fruits. The bunny sculpture  is 7.5 feet tall. We combine lost wax casting with lost wax casting to maximize the best possible artistic appearance. Then we highly polished the sculpture pieces. Below is are photo documentation showing how we make...

3 Tips to Achieve High Quality Polished Sculpture

Tany Foundry has been working hard to test different approaches to achieve high quality polished finishing on bronze and stainless steel cast sculptures. We’d like to introduce three proven effective tips to artists on how we polish on sculptures.   Tip 1: Chasing and finishing bronze casting very carefully. The quality of chasing is closely related to the final quality on polished finishing. Therefore, every imperfection has to be fixed; every pinhole has to be filled. The surface before polishing has to be very smooth and consistent. Good quality...

Case Study: 10 ft Tall Bronze Cast Ape Finger Sculpture

It is a very special sculptural project Tany Foundry accomplish recently.  It is a 10 ft tall bronze cast Ape Finger sculpture featuring extreme complicated texture and detail level. It is among our most challenging job and we employ special casting technique to make it. Below is a short description how we cast it. Project Name: Ape Finger Size: 10 Feet tall Material: Silicon bronze Everdur Casting Technique: Lost wax casting ( plaster shelling) Production lead time: 45 days Major Challenge:  the big size sculpture with extremely complicated texture...

Polished Stainless steel Sculpture We Cast

Stainless steel cast sculpture looks really beautiful and intriguing if done well.  However, duo to its extremely high melting temperature (1800 degree Celsius) and tough chasing & finishing process, it is much more difficult to cast stainless steel than cast bronze. There are types of stainless steel for casting sculptures options: stainless steel Grade 201, stainless steel Grade 316, stainless steel Grade 316L. We can cast all of them. However, we recommend stainless steel 316 for sculpture as it is marine grade alloy, featuring superior corrosion resistance  performance even...

How to Integrate 3D Printing with Bronze casting for sculpture

3D Printing is on its way to revolutionize how sculptors works. Tany Foundry is the first fine art foundry in China exploring how to employ 3D printing technique into bronze casting. In this short tutorial, I am going to show you how and why 3D Printing is helpful to create sculptures, even for “traditional sculptors”. Also, I will use a project we recently accomplished to show you the process step by step. Step 1: Creating 3D model Overall, there are two ways to create 3D model. 3D Scanning Digital...

Tips of Choosing Metal Alloy For Sculptures

Knowing the options and difference between metal alloys is the foundation to create beautiful sculptures.  The most three commonly used metal alloy in fine art foundry is bronze, aluminum and stainless steel, which features different mechanical property and application. In this post, we’d like to introduce the major difference, as well as the upsides and downsides of each option so you can make achieve the ideal artistic appearance for your sculpture project at minimal cost possible. Here are photos of sculptures named “infant heads” which are cast with these...